Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Slice of Winter

my tepid breath speaks steamy soliloquies to meet the grey skied gloom. a mediocre half-felt solemnity stacked on a previous, better felt one. my car inches down the wet road in tow and lead of angry customers trying to belly up to life's disappointing bar. open all night it's says, but the beer in the kegs is flat and my hat is sitting in some other guy's crumbs. with a bill raised in my hand I flag down the busy keep as she pours me what's left until the spigot spits air. i swallow half-consciously the lame, over sat, brew and bat a bored eye out the window. the traffic is moving now and you might get the reckless feeling like you were on the way but there are more accidents ahead for people to entertain themselves with. a cell-phone ring, a horn honk, a rumbling truck, radio chatter. a young grease monkey rolls a tire through the snow with a smoke hanging from his lower lip back into the garage. a lady in front is putting on lipstick. what am I waiting for? to get to work? so I can get my work done? so I can get home? back into my bed? back into my thoughts...the airport lounge before I take off into my dreams? of sex, drugs, women,violence, hate, anger, loneliness, desperation? we can wake up from this...rather these cycles... of selfish longing, hungry ghosts, pulling me down into ignorance...the father of lies. traffic has stopped. one guy gets out to check. seeing what's ahead might speed things up. c'mon there's money to be made...I want mine before the economy drops off like a nut-filled terd pinched from the creamy, pimpled ass-cheeks of capitalism. for now I just watch. I roll the window down and watch. the clarity of the images, the smell of the slice of ice cold winter air. like a TV. but better. better than Hi-Def, Blue-Ray, Plasma. It's so high definition; I can touch it. I can taste it. I can feel it. totally free. no monthly charges.


b s said...

that "slice" sliced me right down the belly and opened up my consciousness with the blade of sincerity.

Capital A. said...

my hat is sitting in some other guys crumbs....spigot spits air

Two examples of a guy with an imaginative eye for off the wall detail...spigot spits air...

Square Corner
P.S. Every time I read your stuff it raises my own standards. Like Lennon and McCartney. (Forget about Ringo. Probably got the greatest free ride in history)

GravenRecords said...

Nice work, brother man. Sorry I've been so delinquent in checking your blog. Thanks for coming out saturday night. More of those to come.


Anonymous said...

SC to Paradox,

Thanks for you lyrical comment on my blog. Must expand upon it and put in on Human Paradox. Perhaps over the Xmas break we'll see more of your work. Who am I to judge on quantity. I'm still looking for that job, so time is abundant.

Square Corner