Sunday, March 01, 2009

Stick and Move

tired faces, clutching briefcases,

greed leads, conformity chases,

subways rumble, buses grumble,

into the mouth of the superunkown,

merchants and vendors,

bail bonds and money lenders,

salt stained streets grow homeless people selling poems,

smoggy air and business suits, music gangsters makin' loot,

the tension of the fight,

the call of the dream,

the challenge of the vision,

distant hope gleams,

needs to wants, wants to needs,

buckets of blood, the tomato can bleeds,

waiting for the chance, the bell, the dance,

cheering and jeering, tunnel vision light,

aching through the silence of the night,

bruises and cuts,

a fighter's leg shakes,

backslapping promotions, board rooms and office cakes,

the emptiness resounds in your ears,

and you fall to the ground,

slowly and breathless,

the spit soaked blood mat nears,

get up young fighter, are you alive or dreaming?

your mind is screaming scenes from your life,

your heart pounds in your chest,

a woman's eye, a baby's breath,

a liar's touch, a touch of death,

truth pumps through you like medicine,

friends become enemies, sometimes they become friends,

but everyday is a new day,

sun shoots through the blinds,

hearts can change, so can the mind,

limited time, to yourself you'll prove,

the win is defined by the lose,

listen to the corner man,

maintain your groove,

head up, bread basket tight,

don't forget to stick and move.


Square Corner said...

Dox'! The whole post is pumped with energy. The boxing stuff is brilliant. Jump rope, pound the heavy bag, do the road work in grey sweats on cold foggy morning. But most of all keep on blogging.

Ollie said...

Ever scene a one legged dog making its way down the street?
If you seen a one legged dog you seen me.

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