Sunday, May 03, 2009

war beauties

chopper growl and pigeon shit,
a lover's quarrel in the springtime,
purple skies pour rain and winter vampires rise,
and reach for a drink from the sun,
scotch bottle clinks spiritually,
to a background melody of ravines,
rocketing dirty water through our valley,
and into our homes,
our minds,
our dreams.
In the night I wake crying,
"oh lord, don't make me shoot the
war beauties!"

"Sit there. Let it bleed."
---Deniro's character Neil McCauley (Heat)


Square Corner said...

Another compelling post. Only good part about war are the beauties. You got the musical rhythm going here a la Gregory Corso or Gary Snyder. Please delve into this style of writing more often. Just finished a book about the Beats in India: "A Blue Hand." Really good. I have been under the weather lately. No blog entries because of it. Will start tomorrow in earnest.

GravenRecords said...

this is totally fucked.

'i wonder what you did with your day'
j. doiron