Sunday, August 09, 2009


I don't have answers. I try to not preach. So don't come to my door selling eschatologies. I'll make you think before you talk. I keep my head down. I read books. I limit TV. I drink too much. I've had my ass kicked. There's never more than $40 dollars in my wallet unless I'm at the peelers. I put way too much horseradish on my roast beef. I like loose fitting jeans. I have bad sleeping patterns. I should get out more. I often think about getting a pet. Then I slip on pet urine in the elevator and cancel the idea. Around 2pm everyday I feel like I'm gonna go nuts. A friend of mine says Japan is the answer to everything. I could work at being a better person. I have to work at not getting erections. Sometimes I dream about a lighthouse with a burnt out bulb. I find political jargon fatiguing. I play right field on my softball team. The bat cracks and the ball seems to hang up there for days. I tap my hat back and try to get under it. Sometimes I just can't get under it.

"I've got all my life to live
I've got all my love to give
and I'll survive
I will survive"
---Gloria Gaynor


Square Corner said...

Good one, Dox. You touch on what so many of us go through, the constant questioning of where we fit into this giant ball of planetary wax. Don't know what the existential answer is. Don't even know what the existential question might be. What ever you do, don't try to be a better person. Too many of those types around. Make yourself wild and rambunctious to the extreme. Will have to talk more about this over some brewskis.

GravenRecords said...

Good post HP sauce. Honesty is always hard but it really exposes all of the ugly bugs in the muddy soil.
Keep on truckin.

Ollie said...

Catch the ball in your cap when the ball is heading your way. That is the secret.

Old Ollie