Thursday, December 09, 2010


people on TV shout it,
politicians proclaim it,
teachers teach it,
preachers preach it,
coffee shop folk conspire it,
families pray it,
people at work avoid it,
people on the bus pontificate on it,
students argue about it,
some soldiers are convinced of it,
others aren't,

...but how can you be my enemy?

I don't even know you.


Old Ollie said...

Media says we need an enemy. Right?

Fisheye Lens said...

Tribes need Other tribes to contrast themselves against, another object to find knowledge of, to get to "know". And to fashion an Enemy that can justify and make sense of what they do.

Or, as Zack reminds us, "Know your Enemy".

Fisheye Lens said...

By the way, is that Patricia Arquette?

Juice Box said...

Someone once said to me the best poetry is the stuff that makes you think. You bring that quote to light here.

Old Ollie said...

Check out the latest comment from a chick called erika on my olsonomics blog.

Old Ollie said...

Thanks Dox - you do cut to the chase - and I'll always write for sinners and saints!

Another sinful blog coming soon. Howe else will be redeemed?

Old Ollie said...

Sorry about the billion type-os - it is hard to be better being such a broken sinner.

Old Ollie said...

Our new friend seems to go looking for enemies. Another paradox.

Looking forward to soem fresh blogs soon.