Monday, March 28, 2011

in five years

you're right.
it is a shame.
it's a shame that I need these drinks,
that we sit face to face,
in this restaurant and I need these drinks,
to keep myself amused,
to dull your voice,
to take the edge off your opinions,
about "sex" and "men" and "love,"
because you really are talking about nothing,
and I am bored,
it's a shame that I need these drinks,
because you just don't get it,
all you care about is bullshit,
bullshit that really isn't there but you have dramatized,
and created in your own mind,
because deep inside you are unfulfilled like me,
it's a shame that I need to keep pounding these drinks,
because I can't listen to any more of your proselytizing,
about what you think you understand,
how smart you think you are,
and where you see yourself in five years,
it's shame that I need these drinks,
because I'm looking right at you,
but I couldn't be any farther away,
you don't listen,
you have it all planned out,
but you'll learn,
like I did,
life will awaken you,
and then,
like me,
you will need these drinks.


Kipling Carl said...

Good'un. Reminds me of a social gathering around 10 years ago.

C.Wynn: "Where do you see yourself in five years?"
McKech: "Well, I hope I'm not eating out of a dumpster."
(awkward silence)

all ways 11 o'clock said...


good and hard this bit


Old Ollie said...

Smiths Falls Mantras:

"Drink before everything."
"Don't drink to feel better...drink to feel even better."

I think I have this comic.

Fisheye Lens said...

How many times do people with the 5 to 10 year plans end up getting slapped in the face 5-10 years later by the cold hand of Reality? All of them.

Great choice of image. The panel from the comic reminds me of a music video that Beavis & Butthead commented upon back in the day:

"I Wish You Were a Beer" by the Cycle Sluts From Hell.

Zouxzoux said...

Man, that is so spot on. Don't we all know someone like that.

The Square Corner said...

Ah, the spirit of Bukowski lives in those drinks. Like everyone we need something.