Saturday, December 03, 2011

the gods are gone

woman leans against the bus stop,
headphone hiss from a skater's trip hop,

I gasp,
like a child,
thrown to the waves,

I crumple,
like an old man punched,
too tired to defend himself,

I reach,
like an addict,
for the joy of what's killing me,

I pray,
to gods that are long gone,

we've been left to:
and re-value our "values,"

like beaten blacksmiths of a rusted and weathered guild,
to tear down and re-build,

so if the gods are gone,
is it wrong...
to feel a rescue coming on?


Old Ollie said...

Without a resuce we are pretty screwed.

Helkp me Oprah, Help me Tom Cruise, Help me Jewish God!

Fisheye Lens said...

A stimulating missive with adroitly accomplished couplets, as usual. Without the deus dropping, it seems that all we can do is trip-hop our way through the rubble and reassemble our moral mezzanine.

Square Corner said...

Love its dark cynicism. Makes me proud to feel hopeless and alone.

Ostensible Truth said...

ah this is good stuff! a little cynicism, a dash of surrealism - what's not to like - great work here!