Thursday, April 05, 2012

the fattest lamb

adrift in a world of ideological innuendoes,
pompous undergraduates and graduates,
father-hating feminist loudmouths,
indecisive co-dependent men-children,
beg the pathetic alternative of,
rednecks in pressed shirts, slacks and bluetooths,
greedily sopping up the lard-enriched gravy of mass cognitive failure and mis-education,
each camp guilty of rationalizing the abuse,
they inflict on themselves,
people giving credence to flagrant bullshit,
passing off textbook views like some kind of personal truth,
rather some kind of fervent assholery,
crusade-like in their primitive literalism of an ancient patchwork of writings,
stamped "holy relic" by the Corporation of Christianity,
exercising it's Constantine-like lust for power,
the demon vigor of epistemological evangelism,
herding more imbeciles day by day,
village bible-college idiots stammer and giggle behind sweat covered pulpits,
built with stacks of money from the lonely, hurting and poor,
reiterating falsity like some kind of meaningful experience,
proselytizing obvious misinterpretation like some kind of existential awakening,
like the mouth-breathing empty gaze of modernity,
like pretentious sycophants piping weak, sloppy music through their pretentious headphones,
blind to the morbid sickness of chronic delusion,
each word from their mouths, 
a greater untruth than the one before,
misspeak, blissful ignorance, 
fucking fools,
lifting their shaky hand to their heart,
tears streaming down,
mouths quivering,
hypnotized like fat lambs,
by the carnal throbbing of mutual belonging found in collective delusion and apathy,

now take heed,

and watch the steady atrophy,
the slow fading,
and irregular breathing
of this sick circus,
as it winds down like a nation of failed and exhausted rusty robots,
abandoned to sewage covered metal fields, 
left only to corrode in the resolute downpour of civilization's fecal rain.


hulia said...

That was intense. Sobering. Makes me want to drink gin straight out of the cat dish. I liked the part about the giggling Bible school grads at the pulpit. Well....ummm...happy Easter?

Fisheye Lens said...

Holy Shit! I love this! Invective of the highest order. Gonna have to go back to this a few times.

Old Ollie said...

What is the viable alternative paradigm?

Square Corner said...

This is like a sock to the jaw. Like it, man.