Tuesday, May 15, 2012

office man

where you going to go office man?
what's up that ladder?
turn the covers back,
lay down to catch brand new dreams,
let them surface,
grow fresh and strong from unkempt gardens,
a thousand miles wide,
borne of colours and music,
hold on with white knuckles,
for everything hangs by a thread,
try to be alive before you are dead,
then let it go,
forever to slip this faltering vessel,
meanwhile I can see it,
but I need to see that it is special,

when, as I boy,
I sat in church,
listening to sermons,
I didn't understand,
my Grandma,
would quietly lean over,
and slip a candy into my hand.  


Old Ollie said...

Some days, no...most days I'd prefer to be on the hustle than sit in an office.

FEL said...

Life is always hanging by a thread, even when we aren't aware of its precariousness. But it sure feels better after mortality slaps you into size and shape.

Nice, HP

Square Corner said...

Yeah, I'm an office man. I cherish my free time and every candy I get.

hulia said...

Hey office man...Ulrich is great, so good to see you Saturday, and you are neglecting your blog. Maybe you should get on that. And i love the end of this one.