Monday, June 25, 2012

a puzzle unsolved

let it be unresolved,
a puzzle unsolved,
I won't shake your hand because there is a barrier between us,
I'm not appeased by your glib smile and pat on the back,
you were brought up thinking there could be a resolution,
taught a story in which things ultimately work out for the better,
you have become used to that emotion you get,
the appearance of success,
when you convince people that you like them,
and that there is no problem between you,
but then you tear them apart behind their back,
or at the very least, forget about them,
and all they have done for you,

you lazy motherfucker,
you are a loathsome sight,

and I am sickened,
that so many of these beautiful, naive sheep fall for your bullshit,
so now, 
as you stand before me,
I won't shake your hand,
you looked shocked and surprised,
yours is extended and waiting,
but I want you to accept the barrier between you and me,
I want you to understand there is a problem,
and it is unresolved,
and I want you to embrace this unresolved state,
to let it be,

be strong,
I know you can do it,

I want you to feel the distance I feel,
to go to bed at night knowing there is a problem between us,
that things are unresolved,
for your disingenuous movements have made me weary,
so please accept the uncertainty,
put your hand down,
and go,
keep going,
for there is a barrier between us,

it is ok,
it is just unresolved,
let it shake you awake,
let it make you hungry again,
for something more than the mediocre bullshit that you have gorged upon,
the false modesty you are so full of,
which has made you so complacent,
and fat,
why, we are a puzzle unsolved,
so please live with it now,
this distance, 
let it be unresolved,
let the puzzle be unsolved,

it is the natural state.


Fisheye Lens said...

That's a hell of an honest (and rather Hobbesian) representation of human sociability, HP. Topped off with a healthy helping of the mighty Helmet.

Anonymous said...

healthy helpings of helmet. nice alliteration fish.