Friday, July 05, 2013

18th hole

a swipe from death,
a fly on the wall,
we never know what's coming,
or what we're waiting for at all,

the mercury goes up,
the rain comes down,
sometimes I sleep so deeply,
I sleep right through the sound,
of the aching world within,
and the void that surrounds,

I can see the pain in a friend's eyes,
and I know that everything, good or bad, eventually dies,
as sure as rivers dry up,
and rivers rise,

as sure as the Self is the universe,
the universe is a thought,
a product of,
a muscle pumping blood,
to grey matter behind the eyes,

as sure as I'm walking in the dark to the 18th hole,
at the end of the night,
surrounded by fireflies.

inspired by M.J.S. aka. The Cattail Creek Kid

"And I thought you beat the inevitability of death, to death, just a little bit."
- The Tragically Hip (Inevitability of Death)


Anonymous said...

Boat drinks, Ad-rock. Boat drinks.

Anonymous said...

Cattail Creek Rules!