Friday, February 12, 2016

the last of my bad habits

I've got a window,
inside my mind,
I cracked it open,
so I could take my time,

I feel helpless,
when I look into the sky,
troubleshoot the future,
why do I even try?
on this smouldering star,
I'm just a frozen fly,

friendship is just the distance,
between how we feel and how much we try,
the last of my bad habits,
will never really die,

but I've got a window,
inside my mind,
now I keep it open,
so I can take my time.


Juice Box said...

Sometimes it's good to air everything out. I'm glad you're writing about it though.

Brother Ollie said...


Hoping I can break out of the monastery and hit Irene's pub soon. We'll talk the poetry of bending taps.