Sunday, October 25, 2009

The real Ghost Dog?

I was in Toronto a few weeks ago, in the heart of the Kensington hood: Rooftop view from cousin's funhouse:

After drinking copiously into the wee hours with a variety of townies, folksies, roughnecks and playas, there was but a few of us blazing herb on the rooftop. I heard some footsteps on the ledge behind and above me.
I look up and snapped this quick pic of some dude who apparently lives on the roof top. Police don't bother this guy according to the locals. He wears a hoody year round and carries a briefcase. They say he lives in a small attic-type shack and keeps pigeons as pets. He came about this far but said nothing. We asked him if he wanted to hit the spliff but he just kept silent and then walked away.

Is this the real Ghost Dog?


Square Corner said...

Ghost Dog? Jim Jarmush in desquise? Jordache Hoody, dungarees of the night? Run Ghost Dog!! Take the racing pigeon in flight!! Pixel captured!! Digital Destoryer!! Roof top sentinel--our Ghost Dog!! Patron saint of the blog!! Apparition or Human Paradox!! Dox post on yellowing sky!! Real in silent sorrow in HP blog the Ghost Dog cries, weeps in hooded sky.

Anonymous said...

amazing post. i believe it was the ghost dog indeed. lake michigan? toronto? what's next?

Ollie said...

These loners, eccentrics, dharma bums, street kings, rural legends, and what have yous - tie our communities together. I for one, am going to tell their stories.

Old Ollie

NotBitterHeidiTee said...

Hey, it was great seeing you when you finally came to Toronto. I'm so glad you gave me a call. We should do it again soon.