Sunday, October 25, 2009

Lake Michigan

was down for a wedding,
Evanston, Illinois,
hanging from the north collar of Chicago,
a college town,
for serious grey matter,
and serious coin,
young students,
studying, bonding, growing,
nice cars, coffee shops and lap tops...
I was in a hotel with fancy soaps, white porcelain and soft towels,
witnessed loving words being exchanged over expensive dishes of food,
bottles of expensive wine,
fancy suits and talk of prestigious goals and notable
I've been to many ceremonies,
receptions, after parties
and collections of eager people on the cusp of their new life
my old dance moves, beer buzz and sweat soaked
lovers hold each other drunkenly,
swaying unsteadily to The Beatles,
outside the cold wind grabs my blazer,
as I walk past the rosy cheeked sophomores,
discussing the media of politics,
the politics of the media,
I remember that freshness...
the jog between classes,
hot coffee and quiet libraries,
soon to grow into frustrated suburbanites,
angry about the weather, taxes and bad backs,

standing on the pier,
I take large swallows from the Michelob
in my coat pocket,
it occurs to me,
my desire for marriage dies more
with every wedding I attend,
but my drunken thoughts end as quickly as they begin,
like the path of a paper cup,
thrown by the wind,
floating on the froth,
of Lake Michigan.


Square Corner said...

After a post like that, it makes me want to start blogging again. Good one. Your words are like footsteps on cold Lake Michigan beach. You walk as always against a constant wind, your chin tucked low, your woollie pulled tight over your ears. You move steadily, you think, you bless the world with blogs that reach deeply into what Joyce called the smithy of our collective souls.

Ollie said...