Monday, February 22, 2010


uncertain and hostile,
indomitable loneliness,
a hollow vessel,
reflecting on nothing,
numbers and grids,
graphs and projections,
how could this ever reach me?
how could it reach you?
what's left when you strip it down...
down to your custom floors and palatial living rooms,
gorgeous friends and beautiful enemies,
sterile conversation and air of dismissiveness,
packaged persona and pseudo-intellectualism,
Valium induced dreams and muddy reflections,
how long do you think you can fool people?
at best,
your just a overtipped hostess,
and he's an errand boy,
and your spouses are your hairless pets.


Square Corner said...

'Hairless Pets.' Darn good name for a band. You got the beat of an all night writer. Insomniac scribbler of and two stanza stories of steaming coffee and night hawk dreams. Ed Hopper would be proud. Keep it up, Dox.

Anonymous said...

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