Sunday, February 28, 2010

hockey on a late night TV

clenched fists, grinding teeth,
celebrations in the street,
big money tickets to bigger money dreams,
fat men in boardrooms,
chalk boarding line-ups,
snake skin boots with leather seams,
fat cheques,
fast flights,
back home to big city nights,
millionaire teams,
and revenue streams,
fine women,
finer steak,
finest rows of Bentleys gleam,

but no gold medal for most -
facing daily adversity,
who struggle quietly,
just a pause in the agony,
cancer patients watching eagerly,
hockey on a late night TV.


Square Corner said...

Very, very good. Spur of the morning writing is your forte. Like a last second overtime you put a post in a net. The cheer of the crowd your just reward.

Anonymous said...

Hell, someone always has to sweep up the cigar butts and beers caps.