Monday, May 03, 2010

Pizza Girl

I stepped onto the elevator.
The next floor up, a gorgeous 20-something hard-body stepped on holding a large pizza.
Tight shorts, tight t-shirt and tan legs that went on for days.
The combination of her youthful beauty and the smell off that steaming pizza pie made me weak.
I said, "That pizza smells good."
"Uh...yah thanks" she replied not even acknowledging my existence.
A second later, I heard myself say, "you wanna hold my pepperoni?"
She looked at me with a look of utter disgust and fear and abruptly stepped off at the next available floor.

I'm not a perfect man.


Dan-o-mite said...

You wanna hold MY pepperoni?

Square Corner said...

That was good. Did you order a diet coke with that pizza? Reminds me a porn movie from the seventies. We gotta collect these things and put them into an anthology, serious man. Fish Eye and OO would be interested, not to forget the Port Hope Kid--me thinks

Fisheye Lens said...

a dirty old blogger -- doesn't appear to be anything paradoxical about that

Old Ollie said...

Sex is like pizza...even bad pizza is okay...

dim said...

I was in need of a good laugh my friend. We should grab a slice.