Sunday, May 02, 2010


you piss me off,
I throw back a beer,
you're soaked from the rain,
I've gone insane,
you save coins in a coffee cup,
I'm a drunk with his dukes up,
your a mental jackal,
I'm an emotional alligator,
my hate will give me a heart attack,
now, not later,
scrape your knee and the skin comes back,
soul pollution,
earth pollution,
don't disrespect the rejuvenator.


Square Corner said...

You rejuvenated my soul, Dox. Thanks for the poem. A definite keeper. Like the spector of violence, standing up for yourself in this damn crazy world of ours.

Old Ollie said...

Nice - imagery plucked from the streets of the market.

Anonymous said...

languid. freudian. beauty.

Fisheye Lens said...

now I see. context is everything, innit?