Sunday, July 11, 2010


You're not invisible,
I can hear you,
I can hear you during the day,
I can hear you in the night,
your crying echoes through my dreams,
I'll see you in a glance,
and then you're gone,
I can hear your voice,
then there is silence,
I know you are out there,
and I know what they did to you,
I don't know where you are,
and I don't know when you are,
but I know what they did to you,
when they made you believe you weren't divine,

so please hold on,
I am doing my best,
and I will reach you.


Anonymous said...

Powerful stuff, Dox. Makes me think. Yearning for an answer for a question I can't quite form is something I struggle with. Just like the Reacher. This is definitly publishable.

Square Corner said...

I am anonymous. I clicked the anonymous key by mistake.


Old Ollie said...

Lad we are all reachers - just a bunch of broken reachers.

Here's to hoping the divine reaches us!

Anonymous said...

great post.