Wednesday, October 20, 2010

lady boss

I work in a box,
I watch the clock,
I measure the money,
by the tick of the tock,
I cross the "T's,"
I dot the "i's,"
I deliver the deliverable,
and don't ask why,
no one hears you scream,
no one hears you cry,
cheap shirt,
cheap pants,
cheap tie,
I'll be your monkey,
at your beck and call,
just make sure you shake your ass when you walk down the hall,
hell, I'll do the chicken dance,
when you lean,
I can see the cleavage,
in the back of your pants.


Old Ollie said...

Women: God's masterpiece.

Let us keep transmitting the lamp.

Fisheye Lens said...

What cubicle is that SRA hiding in, Dox?

Holy Crap, am I pumped after hearing that tune! A supergroup among the early 80s hairbands. Right up there with Night Ranger in the pages of Guitar magazine, circa 1984. I learned a lot perusing the pages of that mag, such as the bassist from Queen Riot used DiFazio gear.

As usual, nice work Dox, especially for bringing me -- real ideal presence like -- to Friday Night Videos during my first year of high school.

Carlito said...


Square Corner said...

Beautiful!! Has B.H. A$$ returned?

Anonymous said...