Monday, October 11, 2010

used to write rock songs, still do

my simple poems are affected,
by years of writing rock songs,
never wrote anything outstanding,
is that so wrong?
had nothing to say on this Sunday night,
so I thought I'd put in an update,
had some turkey with family this weekend,
it tasted pretty great,
saw a homeless man giving thanks,
I guess it's never too late,
who knows?
someday I might have nothing,
but can a psychic pinpoint a date?
I've been a little down lately,
but I'm trying to look up,
a friend once told me,
drink deep of life's cup,
I often stay up at night,
stare at the stars and moon,
or just stare at the street lights,
outside my room,
I reach for my understanding of what I perceive as true,
when I think that I find it,
I realize I never do,
but when I need a boost,
I reach for a blog by you,
did I mention I write rock songs?
...I still do.


The Square Corner said...

HP, one of your best posts. I could hear the grind of urban guitars. Makes me think of late at night, coming out of a bar, seeing your half-drunk cloudy breath for the first time. Winter is upon us, let's drink to our melancholy.

Old Ollie said...

As always we gotta grind through the paradoxes strewn in front of us. Let's make it through.

Anonymous said...

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