Wednesday, June 08, 2011



tend your investments,
straighten your tie,
make loud guffaws of fake laughter,
get to know that guy,


get yourself on the board,
win the award,
win the resentful approval,
reach, grab, hold, hoard


you never did anything,
the puzzle pieces were already laid out for you,
you just put them in the right hole,
you never chose you,


you'll never fit in
there's nowhere to fit,
you've been everywhere,
but you've never really been


you don't appreciate
the food that touches your lips,
the emptiness, the wandering, the darkest moment,
the damp valleys and icy tips,

life's quiet, unrecognized, underestimated finds,
like the sun shooting through the blinds.


Old Ollie said...

Lay down the drum track first...this'd be a sick song lad.

Fisheye Lens said...

This is impressive, HP. The form and the content coalesce here to produce something really sharp. One of your finest yet, I'd say.

Juice Box said...

A powerful message for people everywhere.

The Square Corner said...

By God, that's good. Another masterpiece!