Tuesday, May 31, 2011

some pain

some pain never goes away,
felt with the nerves,
and heart,
it aches through the night,
and walks miles in the cold,
to ease the pain of another,
the roller coaster climbs,
then lets loose,
some feel joy,
while others watch,
some pain is wisdom,
is self-knowledge,
is noble,
some pain,
helps us swallow vanity,
to help us live,
it is righteousness,
it is our own,
it lets us know the other,
and it will be our salvation,
and someday, will give us peace.


Old Ollie said...

A psalm of the Dox. I'll tape this into my Bible.

Not sure about the remix, but I'll giver 'er a listen.

Juice Box said...

This makes me think of all the types of pain I've felt in my young life. And it makes me wonder about others I have yet to experience.

Fisheye Lens said...

An anatomy of hate, now an anatomy of pain. They both deserve to be anatomized, and atomized, and this is an eloquent effort to do just that.

You're right, Pain is generally intolerable and unacceptable, yet enduring it can also be emboldening and ennobling.

Pain also makes Pleasure all the more palatable.