Sunday, January 22, 2012

olympian at the gym

you came alone,
a beautiful face,
your upper body toned,
strong with lean muscle,
like an Olympian,
your legs looked like they had been broken,
malformed or maybe paralyzed at one time,
you walked with two canes,
your self-respect commanded my respect,
I was impressed by you,
and I wanted to kiss your lips,
I thought about what making love to you might be like,

you moved with efficiency and purpose,
by the tyranny of your will,
against the natural god-given resistance,
and entropy,
in this cold dungeon gym,
your bravery made mine seem invisible,
your adversity made mine seem irrelevant,

one side determines the other,

like highway lights,
our life flies by,

I try to switch the mind,
and crack on.


Juice Box said...

Stunning as always HP. Stunning.

Old Ollie said...

strong piece Dox

- this is real life

Matt McKechnie said...

Life was supposed to be a thriller. Nice one, Ad.

Fisheye Lens said...

Remarkable and inspirational. Definitely a Midnight Special.

Life doesn't always run to a blueprint.