Thursday, November 01, 2012


what you build up,
nature tears down,
metal city,
wooden town,

a good woman dies,
a heart gets torn,
churning black storm,

standing nowhere,
leaning backward,
looking forward,

it's bad when we heal up,
happiness is just a hiccup,

is there a purpose?
is there a reason?
the spinning wheel,
a changing season,

I've lost my way,
you slam the door,
I stare at the floor,

a good man dies,
blood on a thorn,
a baby is born,

it's good to get broken into parts,
that's where the realness starts. 


Old Ollie said...

solid old flat-top lyrics

Juice Box said...

The brutal, sad truth of it all. Never stop HP.

Square Corner said...

Agree with JB. Never stop. Just grind on as poets should. The urban grit beneath their feet. A hiccup stealing their breath.