Thursday, April 04, 2013


been working,
haven't been out to see the incredible things,
locked away,
paying bills,
forgot all about the incredible things,
stuck in rooms,
nested in bigger rooms,
neglecting all the incredible things,
getting so I wanna cry,
getting so I wanna die,
getting so I wanna tear my teeth out,
so I make a plan to break out and see the incredible things,
but I get roped in,
get held back,
this is how the system tries to get me to give up on the incredible things,
carve a small hole,
take your spot,
put your incredible ideas in a box,
you don't want the incredible things,
lower the risk,
keep it neat,
amongst the numbers and orderly feet,
beyond the cage,
you could drown in a sea of risk,
but you might live,
for a good long while,
you could be strong,
you could build,
you could hear the music,
and you might remember,
that you could change,
and see everything as an incredible thing.

"Isn't that wild?"
-The Great Buck Howard

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