Sunday, March 07, 2010


jagged and reckless,
your comments to me,
it's a bitch of a thing,
the way you poke me,
the way I take it,
like some hungry kitten,
returning to a poisoned saucer of milk,
it's pathetic,
you're pathetic,
but now you're hurt,
now you're quiet,
no one's paying attention to you,
outside the walls of the workplace,
you're just like every other one,
with your list of demands,
spoiled and clueless,
tyrannical and unkind,
but you're shocked when no one calls your number.

maybe it's because I've gone home alone to laugh,
maybe someday you will laugh too,
when you imagine me,
spending my money on you.


Anonymous said...

This is an exploration of temptation.

Hold out for 40 days.


Square Corner said...

Bitter, rythmic, all in lower case, and in case you wondering: this was brilliant! Male anger and angst contained with in an HP post. Nice job, you speak for a lot of us.

dim said...

... resonates brother.

Fisheye Lens said...

does she work at ....?