Saturday, March 27, 2010

beyond the sky

police cars and ambulances,
to inner voices,
the transient dances,
shouting "arrest me, arrest me, I’m guilty, I did it, whatever it is!"
cops question tenants
and nervous pedestrians
rubber neck and clutch their purses,
wheel out the body,
sirens pierce the cool spring air,
old ladies chatter, reporters take notes,
"this is a quiet neighbourhood, nothing like this ever happens here"
they say, as cops drink coffee in idling cruisers,
"did you see what happened?"
I ask the transient,
"no man, somebody snapped I guess...people are crazy today man" he says laughing,
"hey you got some spare change?"
"yah...uh..." I dig distractedly in my pocket,
watching a woman crying behind yellow tape,
"sometimes I wanna leave this place and never come back" I say handing him a dollar,
he takes it and puts it in his cup and pauses for a moment,
"don't worry man,
it's like that song...everything is everything man," the homeless guy states,
"Yah I guess so." I reply.
As I walk away, I hear him yell "have a nice day sir!"


Fisheye Lens said...

that homeless dude is a wise man -- everything is everything, and Oprah is a hermetic circle whose centre is nowhere and circumference everywhere (physically speaking)

Old Ollie said...

Poems are wisdom.