Wednesday, March 31, 2010

vigilante of words

there's a war in the streets,
it's a fight of words,
punks abusing them,
radicals detonating them,
politicians twisting them,
media confusing them,
there's trouble in the streets,
words have been stolen, looted, abused,
words have been taken hostage by those who would torture the truth,
mis-speak and lie,
the word police are corrupt,
and you can't rely on the neighbours,
they're scared,
shut in, doors locked,
blinds drawn,
there's a war in the streets,
everybody's running scared,
speechless from fear...

not me...

I'm a blogger,
I'm the guy on the subway,
cheap suit and old shoes,
looking at you,
I know you see me,
no, I don't carry a badge,
no, I don't need no medal of bravery,
I'm just a man,
tired of people stealing my words,
you crossed the line when you tried to abuse what I hold dear,
see, I'm a blogger,
I'm from these streets,
and I'm taking the words back,
one letter at a time,
you just crossed paths with a blogger,
a vigilante of words.


Square Corner said...

Freakin' excellent, man. Take back what's yours, fellow blogger. You and Chuck Bronson need to kick some a$$.

Fisheye Lens said...

A verbal vigilante, that's what we need! You don't fuck with the Dox. Somebody has to push back -- contemporary culture (political, aesthetic, high, low, you name it) is at its nadir. Local 241 isn't gonna take it anymore.

Old Ollie said...

Poems and Punches! Always a great combo.

Think I'll go Humbucker a response.