Saturday, August 07, 2010

men of dog

sycophantic swagger,
snake oil smile,
can smell your bullshit,
for at least a mile,
straighten your tie,
lick your teeth,
preach your agenda,
a placebo for grief,
pot lighting,
and a camera's glare,
better dab your forehead,
there's some sweat there,
too late to come clean,
money runs the show,
no climbing back now,
from this deep in the hole,
the desperate, weak and hurting,
campaign your "light in the dark,"
not hard to see,
something's rotting in Denmark,
hell-fire and brimstone,
a contract of fear,
take your dictator "god,"
and get outta here.


Old Ollie said...

Benny Hinn - does he live in fear -or has he cut some wicked deal with the devil?

Who knows?

Square Corner said...

Powerful indictment of all the greed in the world. Like a punch to the gut. Good one.

Fisheye Lens said...


rip up that contract - it never got processed