Monday, August 02, 2010


old fool,
get on up,
twisted soul,
get on up,
mangy dog,
get on up,
weary slave,
get on up,
midnight brawlers,
deadbeat stallers,
broken hearted stinkers,
liars and faith sinkers,

get on up to the plate,
breathe it in,
line it up,
reach down,
pull your best self from yourself,
throw into it,
knock it out,
hear the ump say "well, that's gone."


Square Corner said...

I can see the Babe sticking his head face through heavenly clouds: 'Nice job', he says.

Old Ollie said...

Okay - I've been scared, fearful of getting beaned again.

Fisheye Lens said...

I think I'm gonna either pitch around or intentionally walk this guy -- my fastball ain't fast, and my slider don't slide.