Wednesday, August 18, 2010

St. Liquor

I'm a congregant,
at the Church of St. Liquor,
we have many members,
some wear suits,
some go casual,
others look like they've been wearing their clothes for weeks,
some people don't like St. Liquor,
they say he's a deceptive Saint,
but I find he helps us tell the truth,
some say he lets us "run away,"
but I find he helps us connect,
they say, he's a poor excuse for dealing with our sorrows and no substitute for God,
but I find that I feel happier, even closer to God when I'm deep in prayer to St. Liquor,
some carry mini statuettes of Mother Mary or St. Francis in their pockets,
I always carry a mickey of St. Liquor,
there's plenty of stories about soldiers on the front lines,
they grab for Bibles, prayer beads and different pictures of Saints and Sisters,
but in tough times, I commune with an easily underrated Saint,
St. Liquor.


Square Corner said...

St. Liquor? Don't remember him from my religious days. But you describe him well, like I've known about him for years.

Anonymous said...

Proverbes 31:6 - Give beer to those who mourn, and wine to those who are bitter of heart.

St. Liquor's favourite verse.

Old Ollie

Fisheye Lens said...

The enchanted cup has made nature smile and dance around me so many times that I reckon I've earned enough credit with St. Liquor that my treasury of merit is overflowing. I've got my ticket to heaven punched.