Saturday, November 13, 2010

between periods

fierce force,
open the boards,
mark the ice,
fierce fear,
warm above,
cold down here,
remember the plays,
under enemy gaze,
it don't feel nice,
the strategy ok'd,
but a choice was made,
didn't have a choice,
but to make a choice,
to play the game,
and give the anger a voice,

look to me,
I'll look to you,
to play through the pain,
through inclement weather,
ready for whatever,
we'll put it together,
between periods.


Old Ollie said...

This is why the tired monk rides the Zamboni.

Fisheye Lens said...

Now that's keeping your head up! May you keep your shifts short, and always take the man, not the puck. And as ever, keep the legs moving as you skate across the fresh ice of the human condition.

Square Corner said...

Like skating, checking, fighting, through the lines of a poem. You scored a hat trick.