Sunday, November 07, 2010


it gets frightening,
face in the darkness,
voices in the hallway,
it gets tough,
alone with the sickness,
voices in the head,
it gets lonely,
wind in the woods,
rain on the roof,
it gets hurtful,
forgotten words,
heckler in the crowd,
it gets complex,
twisting highways,
unfamiliar streets,
it gets panicked,
food, shelter, safety,
sirens in the night,

resolve the outside,
through the inside,
so as not to hide from The Test,
but to plunge into it.


Fisheye Lens said...

Another elegant reminder from Dox that life is, above all, about coping and survival, and hopefully squeezing some good times in between.

Juice Box said...

Cool. I really like the repetition and for some weird reason it reminds me of that movie Shutter Island.

Old Ollie said...

this is the ultimate philosphy

embrace fear and take that leap