Monday, November 29, 2010


dragon in the street,
dragon in my room,
dragon on the ocean,
dragon on the moon,

dragon in the woods,

dragon on the town,
every time I see that dragon,
I get to feeling down,

black eyed stare,
chewing on a bone,
mommy never loved him,
heart cold like stone,

rough skinned dragon,
always spoiling for a fight,
watching me bleed,
the only thing that makes you feel alright,

dragon drank my whiskey,
then passed out on my bed,
I see that dragon everywhere,
he lives in my head.


Juice Box said...

Scary; Not sure if I'd want dragons in my head.

Old Ollie said...

I know this dragon. For me he takes the form of a Snow Snake.

Fisheye Lens said...

Scared of dragons? Depends what colour it is -- you better check with one of the lads downstairs, Dox.

The Square Corner said...

Fire breathing dragon. Fire breathing poem! Nice job.

Anonymous said...

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