Monday, January 10, 2011


the old man sits relaxed,
deep into a wooden bench,
the bus is nowhere,
he lazily rocks to one side,
and postures a serious grimace,
unselfconsciously unleashing,
a hard, violent fart,
the sharp growl cuts through the morning quiet,
shattering the peace,
as it echoes into infinity off surfaces of nearby buildings,
women gasp,
children explode into frightened tears,
birds take flight,
men scramble,
greedily hunting and gulping new air.


Juice Box said...

There's a real comical egde to this that I very much appreciate.

Old Ollie said...

This is glorious: a fart that cuts through the cosmos.

"the bus is nowhere" - i've noticed that too.

Fisheye Lens said...

The flatulent wind finds us wherever we go.

Square Corner said...

You are the match to a blue flame. Nicely done. Gaseous without being overly winded