Wednesday, January 05, 2011

the usual

sounds like you're turning over a new leaf,
well, it sounds like you're making a new plan anyway,
sounds like you're looking to the future with ambition and resolve,
sounds like you've grown a pair,
sounds like you've got some big expectations,
sounds like you're realizing that,
sounds like you're concerned with feasibility,
sounds like it may be a bigger challenge than first thought,
sounds like you may not actually go ahead with it,
sounds like you're dreaming up excuses,
sounds like nothing's gonna change here...

sounds like the usual.


Old Ollie said...

Holy farg - you are a pro. I'm going back to my garage beers and to ponder this piece.

The Square Corner said...

Sounds like some excellent writing. Been away from blogging for a bit. Good to catch up on your excellent posts.

Juice Box said...

I feel your skepticism towards resolutions; I myself have none. Good piece, I really enjoy the repitition.

Fisheye Lens said...

Nice, HP.

Seems to me that the only time continuity gets ruptured is when something else makes it so. Something contingent, unforeseen, and unintended.