Saturday, January 15, 2011


If I have spent all my hard earned money,
on my friends,
on late nights,
on strong drink,
on passing fads,
and frivolous toys,
on rich foods,
on nature's herb,
for a feeling of peace,
or the perfumed hand of a stripper,
on her soft dark curves,
in a darkened room,
on these temporary moments,
held together by laughter and argument,
the energy,
the healing,
the religion of music,
chatter and silence,
then play,
then rest,
if, but,
to loosen the grip,
of the constant sorrow,

then what shall I repent of?

when I'm god-damned glad I did it.


Fisheye Lens said...

Sweet sentiments, Dox. What makes life endurable are those "temporary moments" that are girded by our appetites. At different times in my life I've felt that I was attempting something analogous to repentance, but then I forgot what I was repenting and who I was repenting to. Sometimes the passions don't necessarily need to be restrained by the interests, and sometimes the two work hand in hand.

Ain't nothin' stays the same. Eddie really flanges out on that one.

Old Ollie said...

Great piece most days I repent like Neil Young:

"Why do I keep fuckin' up?"

The Square Corner said...

This is the best thing you written Serious $hit. Great writing. Publishable.

The Challenge has been given.

Dan Neutel said...

The only repentin' we need to be doing is repenting the fact that we didin't do more stuff we had to repent about.

dim said...

story of my fucking life bro.