Friday, February 25, 2011


out there,
I don't always hear lyrics,
I sometimes just hear beats and sounds,
out there,
where it's cold,
and rough,
and feels like a fucking merry-go-round,
streets of fire,
streets of ice,
lines and arrows,
stops and go's
liars and ex-lovers,
snot drips from my nose,
I never really sleep,
just sort of lightly doze,

the heart is a coin,
one side anger,
flip-side care,
and if I could,
I probably should,
there's so much work to do out there.

"I wear ties. The ties that bind me to this crazy world."
-The Square Corner (2011) responding to the question: Do you wear ties?


Juice Box said...

You must have so many wonderful phrase bouncing around in your head. Work like this deserves to be read. And read. And read again.

Always write HP, I love your work.

Fisheye Lens said...

Great lines, Dox. I only get those deep sleeps about five times a year. And when I do, I have either the surrealist cinema or the night hag to deal with. Maybe sleep is overrated.

Old Ollie said...

When the snops a dripping real work is being done.

Great Piece HP SAuce.

Old Ollie said...

Farg ballz

snots or at least snotz

Good one HP!

The Square Corner said...

This is an awesome poem. So down and ugly and true at the most base of what humanity can be. Like larvae inside Martin Strell's brain. The ties that bind? Yeah to this crazy world. Good one.