Sunday, February 13, 2011


elevator to the top,
elevator to the bottom,
elevator to the side,
a complex, absurd ride,
so much buried underneath the snow,
together they grow,

you said we were in this together,
how come it doesn't ever feel like it?


Fisheye Lens said...

Great post. Too often our conscious and unconscious minds are not on speaking terms with each other and endure a chilly divorce.

"What is wrong
in my life
that I must get drunk every night"

great question from Claude Levi-Strauss' favourite band.

Old Ollie said...

Ah - nice you are a Canadian Jung. What lies under the snow?

Square Corner said...

If were in this together, we can get out together. You bring the cheese, I'll bring the crackers.

all ways 11 o'clock said...

that photograph
your last line and then the "Cannibals"
together they grow
and create
a picture all to real.
i'm going to the patio now and jump
into the snow bank.

great post


GravenRecords said...

nice one. life is about the upper hand.