Thursday, February 17, 2011

HP's Rock Feature 2: Black Dub

I have been listening to a few tracks by these guys over and over lately. Man, they sound damn sweet. Before you visit the Black Dub site, can you recognize the older fella on guitar? Hint: He's one of the coolest producers ever! Trixie Whitley (vocals), Brian Blade (drums), Daryl Johnson (Bass) and...

"Black Dub" in the studio - "Nomad Knows" from Daniel Lanois on Vimeo.


all ways 11 o'clock said...

These guys and Trixie are pretty fine. Oh ya the boy from Hamilton too.
Great fine,
got them on right now.


oh ya
while scoping stuff out i came across The Tallest Man on Earth.

Juice Box said...

Good pick HP. Really soulful, I dig it.

Old Ollie said...

Cool find - you found a sweet groove with this one.

Great feature HP.

Fisheye Lens said...

They have that New Orleans vibe. Interesting feature, Dox. Weird to see Lanois as an anonymous band member. Anonymous to Jimmy Kimmel, anyway.

Square Corner said...

Yeah, good. Thanks for putting it on your blog. Spread the news