Sunday, June 27, 2010

makyo bustin'




tickle that side of me,
the one that failed miserably,
it hasn't laughed in awhile,
buy that side a drink,
rinse it's face in an icy sink,
it hasn't laughed in a while,
forgive that side of me,
a needy reaching out to nothing,
elevate that side of me,
sinking low into the sofa stuffing,
it hasn't laughed in awhile,
overlook that side of me,
got too drunk at your special dinner,
support that side of me,
that never really feels like a winner,
it hasn't laughed in awhile.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

thrift shop hop

glass top patio table - 5 dollars,
2 barely used padded folding chairs - 8 dollars,
5 never-used highball glasses - 1 dollar,
sitting on my balcony,
drinking cold beer,
watching 20-something hard bodies roller blade by....


captain of the night

sailor's sunset,
torrents of blue,
ship of the night,
tear on through,
sunset on my hopes,
storms in my dreams,
fight the undertow,
driving rain teams,
ocean of lost souls,
lucky catch ahead,
into the light,
part alive, part dead,

captain of the night,
hold course into the sunrise,
wave to other captains,
as they pass by,
heaven in their soul,
hell in their eyes.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

drunk chair

wicked world,
deaf god,
wonder what to do on a summer night,
expensive girls,
country nod,
wonder what to do with the rest of my life,
climb a mountain,
run a race,
disappear without a trace,
take a course,
change my hair,
change the world,
turn cold to care,
maybe just sit here and get drunk in this chair.

Monday, June 07, 2010

the chicken man

cold may wind,
blows shadows across a big may moon,
cigarette embers glow orange,
war scars, glass eyes,
crumpled cash, white lines,
diamond rings, gold watches,
purple heart tattoos that bleed busted love red,
sweat drips,
tongues lick wrinkled lips,
butts clench, hearts jump,
flesh tightens, guts wrench,
dusty dim light, cock fight,
step aside in respectful fright,
his name is the chicken man,
you bet your baby's college,
your wife's retirement,
your last GIC,
...and if your not nervous,
you fucking should be.