Thursday, September 08, 2011

Gratitude (by the legendary Beasties)

"good times gone, but you missed them
what's gone wrong in your system?
things they bounce just like a Spalding,
what'd you think, you miss your calling?
it's so free this kind of feeling,
it's like life, it's so appealing
when you got so much to say

it's called gratitude,

good times gone, but you feed it
hate's grown strong, you feel you need it,
just one thing do you know,
what you think that the world owes you?
what's gonna set you free,
look inside and you'll see,

when you got so much to say,

it's called gratitude."

no. 3

on the no. 3,
there's a guy with no teeth,
reading "The Executioner" close to his nose,
an older man with a lunch bag,
having a feast,
a rather large beauty,
with a rip in her hose,
some people stare intently into their phones,
some people sit quietly alone,
old Asian ladies with grocery boxes,
IPod wearing college foxes,

the no. 3,
rides like the hard truths,
so hard to see,
like this time of changing kingdoms,
and an Arab Spring,
like the doctor telling me,
to switch from coffee to tea,
like when the girls I like,
don't like me,

rock n' roll is my life boat,

in a pop culture sea,

C'est la vie,

on the no.3.