Wednesday, November 16, 2011

the horseman

slowly hypnotized by the yellow lines,
and with so long to ride,
I can close my eyes,
to see birds pulling at the skin of road kill,
to see a twisted tree,
aflame in a burnt out field,
I can see an old man coughing,
a haggard, macabre cough,
trying to breathe through his tears,
trying to make sense now,
trying to find meaning,
to their preaching,
that life is beautiful,
a bonus,
when all he feels is alone in this,
in his thrownness,
through his tears he can see,
the credits rolling up,
for him, you and me,
I close my eyes to see,
...the rider.

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

two in the pink

shocking painful beauty

futile reaching for the untouchable

I cry quietly

Thursday, November 03, 2011

back to the lab

in a moment,
the cracks appear,
in a moment,
hearts jump with the markets,
in a moment,
fear spreads,
in a moment,
the appearance of certainty ends,

pride melts down to the sin,

payback begins,

a blind man feels the wall as he walks,

like a writer looking for the words,

in a moment,
come to the darkness,
sit amidst the fractured thoughts,
in a moment,
come to emptiness,
coming-into-being, passing-away,
in a moment,
you could be me,
I could be you,
take a moment,
to be free,
so we can see,
that what we believe,
is see-through.