Sunday, September 20, 2015

they can't help you now

a twisted labyrinth,
a heavily wooded web of darkness,
emotions helplessly oscillate,
between desire and need,
between attraction and fear,
between what I have and what I've lost,
alone-ness and time,
stirs the deepest hunger,
creates an unquenchable thirst,
an unrelenting ache,
the limitless depths of this,

it is something in the Self...

an emptiness,
a black hole,
a void,

that cannot be filled,
how ever vainly we try,
to medicate,
to hold another,
to shun another,
to kill the "other,"
to pray to the vacant heavens,

but a screaming sadness,
creates a torrent of frozen anger,

a will...

to exist,
a dying to live,

the courage to be,
to co-exist with the lack,
the courage to be,
in the face of the void,

it defines me,
allows me to reach with the senses,
transcend the paralyzing pain,
the disorienting pleasure,

to become,
for just a fraction of infinity,

someone unequivocal.