Tuesday, May 31, 2011

some pain

some pain never goes away,
felt with the nerves,
and heart,
it aches through the night,
and walks miles in the cold,
to ease the pain of another,
the roller coaster climbs,
then lets loose,
some feel joy,
while others watch,
some pain is wisdom,
is self-knowledge,
is noble,
some pain,
helps us swallow vanity,
to help us live,
it is righteousness,
it is our own,
it lets us know the other,
and it will be our salvation,
and someday, will give us peace.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I hate when the bass is weak,
I hate when there's only wine and no beer,
Who has only wine and no beer?
Who does that?
I hate pretentious hipsters,
I hate when Christians gush over Jesus,
I hate broken glass on the rug,
I hate "smartphones,"
I hate when the drums are weak,
I hate "dating,"
I hate last second exit signs,
I hate formula TV,
I hate "leaders,"
I hate weddings,
I hate when the moon is hidden by clouds,
I hate that Christians think that Jesus would have liked gushers,

I hate the endless nights...

I really hate those fucking endless nights.

Monday, May 09, 2011

the holy

on a Monday,
I try to remember,
to forget everything,
to accept here and now,
that the breath is the anchor,

to know,

the self beyond the body,
before the heart is clothed,
before I hide my soul,
that there's no inner,
that there's no outer,
to move beyond the darkness,
to stop having this violence,
this tossing and turning,
this fretting and fighting,

this static coming through...
this hectic static coming through...
this panic coming through...

to understand,

that what is concealed,

is truly naked,

that what is meaningless,

is truly sacred.

Friday, May 06, 2011


I'm sort of stock,
like a pick up line,
in a night club,
like a hipster sipping Pabst Blue,
like a cliche with a condom in it's pocket,
but you're like rain,
always falling,
in May,
grinding on my nerves,
keeping everything damp.