Monday, March 14, 2011


there's not much time,
there's not much time,
the rivers are aflame,
we've blown out our mind,
we can't seem to fix it,
it's all gone to hell,
the ass has fallen out,
the devil's ringing bells,
there's no more cheques to cash,
no more oil to steal,
the new world nightmare,
has turned peace on it's heel,

so don't close the door,
when I wash up onto the shore,
like some broken driftwood from the sea,

salvage me.


Juice Box said...

A current event, both grisly and tragic, made lovely by your words. Really nice job.

And I commend you on your awareness. I love that you've touched on such a recent event in our world.

Brother Ollie said...

That last line is big.

Our ship needs to come in.

Fisheye Lens said...

Wonderful allusion to a natural horror. But Japan will salvage itself. They always have.