Sunday, December 13, 2015


a vast emptiness permeates my consciousness,
rain pounds the garbage and the dirt,
my pulse beats heavily,
my muscles convulse and cramp,
my body shakes in the midnight hour,
my mind stabs fear into my heart,
my thoughts flow like a polluted river,
sending torrents of darkness into my twisting, aching bowels,
my dreams are dark corridors with wicked storms battering the windows,
my power is gone,
my hope has faded,
I feel I am standing on the crumbling edge of a shifting universe,
I am a rogue cell giving life to disease and destruction,
I am a bug...

can you hear my lamentation?

are you there?

is someone there?

am I alone?

how can I know you if you have left me?

how can I love you when you won't speak to me? 

a prayer of simplicity to a shifting universe,
falls from my quivering lips,
and blood spoiled by hatred,
drips from my fractured and restless body,
send me an angel of hope,
send me an angel of peace,
have mercy of this rogue cell wreaking disease and destruction....
have mercy on this bug...

for there is nowhere to go,
there is nothing to do,
we are who we are only through the fullness of being.

in the quiet stillness, 
a baby breathes gently,
and awakens,
in the light.

this poem is dedicated to my friends who recently lost their business to fire. 


Brother Ollie said...

Keep throwing poems and punches hp!

Juice Box said...

Oh my HP. You have such a way with words.

Juice Box said...

Oh my HP. You have such a way with words. said...

Beautiful, dark, soul searing. You cover a light as a mirage with darkness as truth. Your best work, by far. Gives us more.