Thursday, April 18, 2019


a motivational quote,
a sales funnel,
a scripted action, reaction, interaction,
a parody of “style,"
an interpretation of “fashion,”
the trend of empathy,
the trend of sympathy,
a glimpse into a simulation,
a digital "reality,"
of how it could be,
isn’t that what you want?
beards, craft beer and hipster shoes,
opinionated pukes and social media spooge, 

ultra-right pricks, ultra-left cunts,
misogynist punks, misandric thugs, 
power shifts like hands on a clock,
"honey, can you pass me the knife so I can cut off my cock?"
bored, lost, horny old fucks,
built on the arrogant platitudes of youth,
trendy tattoos and piercings,
“oh my god, I love your earrings!”
let’s settle down,
let’s cut the shit,
let’s find a “norm,"
like a long term commitment,
a tract home and a DIY divorce kit,
a community of support,
the ever growing church of alcoholic numbing,
escape those empty feelings that keep on coming,
a glimpse into a simulation,
a surrogate self,
escape those empty feelings that come haunting,
the way you could be,
isn’t that what you lay awake wanting?


Brother Ollie said...

I think you may have pretty much nailed the current zeitgeist.

Let's break bread soon HP.

SC said...

You are the man for the age. This speaks to new/old barbarism that tears us all down. Cunts and pricks, that what we all are: one or the other, and sometimes both. Nicely, nicely done. Expect more.