Monday, August 28, 2017

one in the hopper

I live in a flesh house,
a mind with walls made of tissue and bone,
fuelled by electricity and blood,
I eat from mother earth,
I suckle from the teat of Gaia,
I wander the halls of infinity,
stepping gingerly across the glass floor of inconsolable despair,
I'm just a peasant,
too pedestrian for your equestrian tastes,
I love your simple epistemology,
it's really just a horny little eschatology,
it's a conversation that ends as stale as it begins,
it's ok though,
because as we age, 
we are slipping into freedom, 
which is just another word for emptiness,
and emptiness is just another word for loneliness,
and loneliness is just another word for the freedom to be,
and there's not much time for you and me,
because, you see, a lifetime is relative to eternity.

2 comments: said...

Welcome back!!!!!!! Really loved it. You're like a fighter coming out of retirement to let everyone know you're king of the ring. Champ of the squared ring called poetry. Honestly, I think it is one of your best posts. Hope we can expect more!!! Like I say, welcome back!!!! Shine some light onto darkness!!!

JB said...

You are the bar I hold hyself to HP. I find myself thinking about your work from time to time-- especially when I'm sitting in a dark place and writing. I love the flow of this one.